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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2012 3:32am-4:02am EDT

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if they stick to the same strategy to the same approach then the prospects for the talks are promising we have reached a rate of this at the negotiations and istanbul and baghdad we will look at this round of talks with optimism when the agreements reached in istanbul and baghdad will be respected if we do see this kind of respect we will then be able to view the negotiations in a positive light. how would you describe the main points of contention at this point of time. i believe that what should be discussed in detail is a number of proposals we put forward and the big talks with we identified five main areas four of them are related to nuclear energy while the fifth one concerns are the areas. meanwhile the other side came up with a proposal to to advance the talks we need consensus on two major issues firstly we are strongly against weapons of mass destruction today the republic of iran has the
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capacities to cooperate in disarmament and nuclear nonproliferation so these capacities should be used by the international community secondly we expect that iran's right to nuclear technologies including uranium enrichment as will be recognized and respected this is something that is clearly defined by the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and i think that addressing these two issues will help to advance negotiations for the iranian nuclear facilities have been targeted by yet another cyber attack and we all know there are regions of the tag where there are a lot of speculations on the subject i would like to ask you how serious this threat is to add their. kind of attacks is crying over time. you know that iran's nuclear activities are entirely under the control of the i.a.e.a.
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all the activities we're currently conducting are in full compliance with the nuclear nonproliferation treaty all the nuclear activities are equipped with i.a.e.a. surveillance cameras that cynical i.a.e.a. rules that in fact the international community is now concerned about quite a different thing yes why do some people take the liberty to speak out against victim it is peaceful controlled by the i.a.e.a. said and in compliance with the n.p.t. if this opposition does not boil down to cyber attacks alone the international community is now openly asking why some of our scientists working at peaceful nuclear facilities are targeted by terrorists that these people's names are on the list of those the un security council has introducing charges against you this makes the two. feel free to exterminate the blacklisted people so the question is what is the relation between the terrorists and the security council and of the
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question why do some people commit subversive acts against a country involved in legitimate. bts shockingly enough the openly admits that this is all they're doing this raises yet another question that why does the international community that claims to live under the rule of law how to accept a situation when all the rules are violated and countries seeking to exercise their legitimate rights are discriminated against and this kind of discrimination is not limited to one country only you must be aware that luckily not at all neither terror attacks and cyber attacks nor other acts of intimidation have done any harm as all stop the progress of the reigning in people on the phone many israeli officials are discussing the possibility of a military strike against iran's nuclear facilities if israel israel ever decides to go had. the iran has been concerned
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over this issue for many years now and this has to do with the belligerent and illegitimate make sure of the zionist regime that i think these kinds of statements help to reveal their true nature this kind of statement shows that the regime is keen to achieve its goals by capturing invading brandishing its military might if time and again this regime thinks it has the right to make these statements and threaten the whole world that higher this regime is as weak as ever and it's all thor it's. the only thing that is clear is that the world is aware of its military and hawkish nature and that any steps taken by the regime are illegitimate still the regime continues to operate on the wrong. and illegitimate bases this is happening to do all the wrongs monita and capabilities are well known the arrest on iran's powerful potential build up by domestic scholars it includes the peaceful
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use of nuclear energy but unity made possible by iran's younger generation why it's hard work and scientific research this potential is not something that could be destroyed by some physical means or weapons this is a peaceful activity which is taking place that under the supervision of the i.a.e.a. and has been developed things doru national capabilities that. we are well aware that the iranian leadership strongly support. what he describes as he struggled with terrorism organizations in syria giving bloody nature of this conflict what do they make sense for. not as their sign of defeat but rather as a sort of sacrifice to prevent many more deaths. another
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issue that we brought up of the talks in istanbul in baghdad is that we are prepared to discuss regional issues including the situation in bahrain syria and other simulation issues we think the resists simple solution and it boils down to one thing you need to respect the people to respect democracy if the international community demonstrates a genuine desire to debate these issues then we could come up with a very viable solution we have consistently called for these in regard to syria but there are two problems in syria first its people demand reforms and they need to be introduced we respect of these aspirations and believe that it's the syrian people that should decide on the ultimate solution on this any old sided ference will not help. and to supply weapons or train terrorists these actions will never be in law in the interests of the syrian people and syrian people must be empowered to take
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their own decisions on the reforms and this would be unacceptable to supply arms or support terrorists and so on and it will only result in more casualties among civilians and bloodshed this is the wrong path to success. now over the past decade to see in several scenarios. one of was applied in iraq where the threat of mass destruction on the pretext of their weapons of mass destruction rather was used to justify a military intervention another example was libya where and this place the fact that moammar gadhafi was supposedly gassed his people democratic aspirations was used as a pretext for later intervention we are seeing somewhat the same thing in syria nowadays are you concerned that some of these scenarios that the combination of these scenarios can be applied to your own country. again that's something we have always been saying democracy cannot be imposed through violence
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military intervention or occupation those who have used these tactics have admitted later that they had other girls in mind and there are plenty of stories to prove this point those who will confide of vanished on the various pretexts later confessed before stood and supported terrorist networks. by do rog saying it had weapons of mass destruction later confessed that they had actually been the main patrons of saddam hussein in particular when saddam hussein waged in a war against iran they conceded that the student behind iraq and helped it in every way possible none of them were able to give a helping hand in building a democracy in cases when they occupied a country they were too badly. the master violations and crimes and they short themselves in africa today they can barely drag themselves out of them are. you may remember that in the end the approach to iran. to help them get out of it so
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they all very weak and their case is pretty weak too today the world does not believe that someone can bring democracy against the people's will through occupation military strike or any similar rationale people do believe that they want to help because their help usually results in numerous casualties wherever they serve their food in the face serious challenges. in the meantime iran has proved to be a successful more of a democratic state ruled by the people it's a good example for the region and the whole world that it's a genuine democracy where people have the right to shape their future what has been successful both were resistance against outside pressure and for development i. think.
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chinese are sort of a twelve pack and can't part of our loft. and it goes back to a time when people would like out of their forces in the wild west and pick up these future days and putting them into the sheriff for prosecution i don't think much of female relatives killed. when they go out there to stop weapons. and you have to hope that nothing bad has. slowed. but we're chasing killers and you gotta keep that in mind though there's a two million dollar bill for his arrest. but not super hero they can be told to you know they shoot me in the head i'm going to die. the little. ones you hunted manual never go back to hunt anything else wealthy british style and so on it's time to.
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even observers enter the syrian town of haifa which has been shattered by a week of bloody fighting with initial reports suggesting rebels course the air before abandoning. the twists and turns of egypt's politics become ever more winding up the constitutional court dismisses the country's parliament and the barracks next prime minister to run for president. and the world's top whistleblower treating the sons could be extradited to sweden by the end of this month with new case top court rejects his bid to reopen the case and fear is still cameras just to still put on route to the u.s. . the time to get the latest news from the world of sport now is remote. thank you gary hello and welcome to this is for an artsy with me ron calls for him
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and here's what we have this hour. arlin to alex brace but for now the taurus propels spain to the top of group c. as the defending champions the republic of ireland four nil. strikeforce liverpool's andy carroll could store for england's as the three lions gear up for a crucial game against sweden. in the hunt three time former champion woods is in the side for second as michael thompson takes a surprise lead and holder rory mcilroy struggles on the opening day of the u.s. open. full first and third mandatory struck twice as reigning champion spain won four nail it done to knock the republic of ireland out so if you're old swans it's well for sore started a competitive match for spain for. the first time in seven months and his presence was felt immediately as the chelsea star opened just four minutes in its day one nil until halftime but after the break spain were at their domineering best silva
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adding their second minutes after the restart before taurus netted his second midway through the second half and his replacement sets of brevity of breakouts completed their routes with seven minutes left spain going top of group c. . however croatia are hot on their heels behind only on goal difference that's after holding its eighth to a one one draw in paul's nine world cup winning striker andrei parallel curled in a free kick to give the believes in the closing minutes of the first half but his effort what's cancelled out by mariel manjoo gauge halfway through the second the walls perth midfielder posting his third goal of the campaign but he injured his ankle in stoppage simon is now a day out for their final group game against spain and let's take a look at the stable now spain in creation share the lees and will play to other on monday but it's a they are also in with a chance to reach the quarterfinals as they next face arlen's they have nothing to
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fight for but their pride. while this friday night's co-hosts ukraine will be looking to cement to their surprise leading group d. but face a tough test in the guise of inform france over in donetsk live blue already beaten in twenty two matches but their last victory in a major tournaments came six years ago so coach lauren blonde will be alex a break after his charges drew with england's one zero in their opening game but samir nasri and co are well aware of the dangers ukraine can pose on home soil especially their it's his manic striker andre ship genco who netted two headers within six minutes to help stunned sweden two one. good you can get it if you will you create strong sides. and especially one of them is through. when it comes to score goals but we have a lot of quality ourselves with all due respect for the ukrainian team i've heard the coach does not feel so let me tell him that we do not feel ukraine. elsewhere
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liverpool striker andy carroll could start for england as they take on sweden in the creighton capital of kiev and it's a fixture they will have a familiar feel for experience new england manager roy hodgson as. now reports from ukraine. as football managers go england boss roy hodgson is an unusual man the sixty four year old former teacher t.v. pundit and non-league defender has managed sixteen different teams in eight countries including into milan and liverpool he's been the beaten finalist in the away for a cup and the europa league and speaks five languages and he arrived in poland as the first english manager to lead his own national squad at a european championships since kevin keegan in two thousand and two and after only thirty nine days in charge well for once england's expectations as a nation entering a big football tournament were also unusually low despite being six in the fee for
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world rankings england are the only world cup winners never to have won the european crowd or even reach the final they're also plagued by preventing injuries losing frank lampard gary cahill and even goalkeeping coach ray clemence before a ball has even kicked wildstar strike out when rooney were suspended for the first two games and all these factors the new manager had to take on board fast yet despite this engine pulled off a creditable one one draw with informed france in their group in a sweltering evening in donetsk with eighteen year old alex chamberlain replacing stewart downing on the left tactically disciplined and highly organized display from a youthful squad showed hutchens trademark of being quickly stand against last french side which is on a twenty one match unbeaten run. played quite well against the french of all show and i spoke with well good we must maintain that and of course if we're going to win matches we we've got to continue to work all of the attacking so out of our
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game and to try and make certain that when we do get these good character checking opportunities that we actually wise them and you know take advantage to the full then you know with all due respect to sweden you are a good spear strong team where i'm. an all fronts salting we can be here live in mobile more ambitious and get off the streets of emotional where conference if we reach the same level of performance will be enough of a victory book that's not to say you know we won't be signed said clem from the mistakes we made in the face game. that that was making was that if it was thanks us was it was it was us
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us england have traditionally struggled against sweden who qualified the year eighty thousand and twelve his best run is up but is still stinging from a two one defeat to ukraine every cameron's men took the lead after the breakthrough prolific captains last and he became of age bots to head as in six minutes from talisman foundation or chink said the co-host thoughts of great day chris weitz both said naps we'd need to beatings and to help remain in the tournament the fronts yet to come what we expect them are tough game first of all. you're always so you never going to have a nice again when you come up against an england team. who are excellent we expect to be very organized to have been since you know for a very long time and especially since roy took over since nine hundred ninety six english fans have been singing football's coming home harking back to the glory days of not. nine hundred sixty six when england won the world cup in london their only major international long and to date at euro two thousand and twelve so far that chant has been muted yet perhaps under the vastly experienced hodgson england
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mike yet spring a surprise that thirst roy's boys must pass a test in swedish. r.t. kiev ukraine. defender alex sabers those kids says russia have nothing to fear going into their last game against greece on saturday russia said on top of group a meeting just a points from the game to be sure of reaching the quarterfinals that suicides are certainly familiar with the chatter this summer they played out a one one draw in a friendly and have faced each other at the last two european championships. russia can get what they need although it will be difficult. for the long greece has a good team honestly none of the games are a coma or easy we did we in two thousand and eight that's true but you know a friendly game we played in greece we tied one could say we played it beat bircher and had more chances to score but overall performance was even. meanwhile russia's
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football chiefs have called on polish authorities to help protect innocent fans from hooligans said the tournaments earlier this week many russian fans were attacked during an organized march to the national stadium in warsaw ahead of russia's game with poland's since then almost two hundred poles have been arrested along with around twenty five russians russian football union president said again fortune of course said many innocent fans including women and children who were victims and now feel afraid of the championships and has urged the polish authorities to do more to protect them. i think that. paul or assorted to his oath poland have to predict us for this because before the championship the. gave the. security of the this is their job. but they need casey for we can't help anybody we'll do it gulf now and american michael thompson has taken
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a three shot lead at the u.s. open with three time former champion so hard to woods enjoying seconds after the opening round of the season's second major twenty seven year old son carded for birdies on the back nine at the olympic club in san francisco and finished the opening day on four under sixty six becoming one of only six players to break bar on day one all the tournaments tiger woods was looking to and a four year drought in the majors seemed to be in full control of his game according to one under sixty nine combat units nick watney and david toms plus england's justin rose and graeme mcdowell of the northern ireland's are also and if i wait so i for the second but top ranked luke donald and defending champion rory mcilroy struggles with their respective rounds of seventy nine and seventy seven. thirty they could have been vision i would have taken even for you know probably would take it to over it's a yes or no right around even going to win. you know i don't fully expect to stay
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at four under the you know it would be great if i was to improve on that just for next to my game plan that's all i'm trying to do today and i did that and. i made a couple changes out there because the wind had shifted and the fares were faster and so it was we knew it was going to get quick as we progressed but wouldn't because it happened overnight. i was really really surprised at how much it changed from last night. and staying in the u.s. but always the basketball now and the n.b.a. where it's all square in the final series between oklahoma and miami after two games le bron james top scored for the heat with thirty two points with his teammates it's wait wait adding another twenty four to help miami win one hundred ninety six and level the score after two road games before going home for game three. i'll be back with another updates in less than three hours from now but our
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you tube channel is available to you at any time just look for our team sport news and thanks for watching. so much or is that so much going to be you should be sitting right on the mark with violence in syria is now officially called a civil war this is probably cold comfort for the syrian people as western powers decide defeat.
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if. he is going to continue to be. easy. to. elite. well the slippery science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the huge earth covered.
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with deadly strings attached to america's use of unmanned drones worldwide the weapon is being seen more as an aerial serial killer than a tool to the terror. universe was rushed to the syrian town of funding it shattered by a week of bloody fighting initial reports suggested rebel scorched the area before abandoning it. and the human rights group criticizes e.u. policy makers for their treatment of immigrants calling it inhumane side of the crisis test the standoff between europeans and outsiders to limit. progress in life from the heart of the russian capital this is r.t. . despite pakistan's repeated demands for an immediate end to us there drone
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strikes in the country reports of fresh attacks are continuing at least three people believed to be militants have been killed in the latest incident but with their identities hard to verify there are concerns that america's war drones could be causing civilian deaths in the process so called collateral damage is going to chicken explains. reports about u.s. drone strikes in pakistan coming more and more often we're getting used to hearing in the media such and such number of terrorists was killed with no way to verify really there are no names attached to those numbers usually but earlier this month american officials proudly announced that a drone strike in pakistan killed one of his top commanders almost two weeks later a video with the same men. levy was posted online with titles which are generally reserved for the living there all qaeda leaders have not confirmed or denied levy's death the video could have been taped before his death.


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